Why Is my Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

The last thing you want during the heat of the summer is for your air conditioner to mess up. However, it does happen, and it happens more often than you may think. One of the most bothersome and significant issues for homeowners is the simple fact that AC units sometimes freeze up. This can be a major problem and most people simply want to know, “why is my air conditioner freezing up?”

What Causes AC Units to Freeze Up?

There are only a few reasons that may cause an AC unit to freeze up. Most of the time it is because you have a clogged filter or because the AC refrigerant is running low. Other times it could be that they are not getting enough air flow. The rarest reason for it to happen is a low outdoor temperature. The only one of these issues that is preventable is for you to not run the air conditioner when temperatures are below 60F outdoors. The other two issues are hard to foresee, but ultimately not devastating, depending on the age of your unit.

How Are Frozen ACs Repaired?

The first thing you should do when you notice your AC unit freezing up is turn it off. Go into the house and shut it off at the thermostat. From there, check your filter and replace it if it looks dirty. After you have done that, go back out and look around the air conditioner to see if there may be a reason that you can see. Is there debris inside of the fan that may be restricting airflow? If you are unable to see an issue, you will want to call an air conditioner repairman and tell them, “My air conditioner froze up.” They will immediately schedule a visit to your home to see if the refrigerant is low. If it is, they may be able to refill it. However, because Freon is being phased out, an older unit may require an upgrade.

Will Your AC Freeze Again?

If your air conditioner has frozen up and you had it repaired properly, it shouldn’t cause you a problem again within the near future. However, if you were low on refrigerant and failed to notice an airflow issue you may need to check the air flow again, especially if you have the split air conditioner. You could also have a kink in refrigerant lines or a blower fan that is not functioning property. You may be able to check the blower by listening to see if it is out of balance and knocking around. Checking your filters will also help you get through the issues.

An air conditioner iced over, can come as a shock to anyone who has never seen it before. Sometimes it may be extensive freezing that turns your unit into an igloo and other times it may be just the coils that are freezing over. Either situation can be dealt with, but the sooner you notice the issue, the better off your air conditioner will be. Letting it go, could cause more damage than your unit can handle.