The Importance of Keeping HVAC Coils Clean

Anymore, most people who have a home also have a central heating and air unit. This is because everyone wants to be more comfortable inside of their home, especially if they live in southern Florida, where temperatures soar during the summer months and even winter months are far from cold. Having acknowledged the importance of a running AC system, do you realize the importance of keeping HVAC coils clean?

The Importance of Coils

Keeping AC Coils Clean

Your HVAC system has coils inside that enable it to work properly. These coils look similar to a radiator in your vehicle. It is sometimes called and evaporator coil or an indoor coil. Its purpose is to transfer heat, which is the most important part of whether your unit can heat or cool your home efficiently. It is the part of an air conditioner that holds refrigerant until it evaporates, which occurs when heated indoor air passes over it. The way it works is simple, warm air goes in and runs through the coils. It is then put back out at the end of the coil pipe and into your home. If you are running heat, it works by warming air to put it into the house.

How Do HVAC Coils Get Dirty?

Most HVAC units are designed to sit outside. This means that they are exposed to the elements and over time, they may suffer for it. Even the parts of a unit that are covered can become caked with dust and grime. It can be a mixture of smog, pollution, dust, rain, dirt, and more. If this happens on the coils and becomes too thick, heat will become trapped instead of released as evaporation the way that it should be. This makes it harder for the coils to cool off the air.

Why HVAC Coils Clean Should Be Cleaned

You may not realize that if the coil gets dirty, your HVAC system will suffer many issues, beyond causing you to be cold or hot. A dirty coil will lower the total efficiency and performance of your unit. This will increase your electric bill and eventually cause other bad things to happen to your unit.

Not only will you have a higher energy usage, you will experience more breakdowns with your air conditioner. This is because it will run longer to try and reach your desired temperature and this will put more strain on it. The parts inside will wear out faster and eventually, the lifespan of your unit will be lessened.

If your coils get too dirty, the air inside of your home can become dangerous for you and your family. The coils may end up sending mold spores and dust into your home through the air conditioner vents. This can increase asthma symptoms, cause flu like illnesses, fatigue, and increase allergies that your family deals with.

How Often Should Coils Be Cleaned?

If you run your HVAC system for hours each day, like most people do in Naples and the surrounding area, you will need to consider having your unit cleaned more often than someone who turns it off for most of the day. You will also need to clean it more if you live in a dusty area or there are other pollutants in the air around you. If you want to avoid having it cleaned more often, you should use a UV light that is designed for HVACs. They are able to kill mold and bacteria and then you can lessen your cleaning efforts without raising your power bill. It is a "Win" for all potential health issues that may stem from a dirty HVAC Coil.