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The Importance of Keeping HVAC Coils Clean

Anymore, most people who have a home also have a central heating and air unit. This is because everyone wants to be more comfortable inside of their home, especially if they live in southern Florida, where temperatures soar during the summer months and even winter months are far from cold. Having acknowledged the importance of a […]

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R22 Freon Phase Out

Most people depend on their air conditioner. It is the only way to stay cool when you are inside of your home or office and the temperatures are soaring into the 90s and beyond as it often does in Fort Meyers and other areas of South Florida. The thing is, most older air conditioning units […]

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Why Is my Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

The last thing you want during the heat of the summer is for your air conditioner to mess up. However, it does happen, and it happens more often than you may think. One of the most bothersome and significant issues for homeowners is the simple fact that AC units sometimes freeze up. This can be […]

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How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

​Have you ever felt like you could breathe easier in one place over another? Do you seem to sneeze a lot more when you are in your home as opposed to outdoors or at work? Does it seem that your family keeps passing colds back and forth? It may not be that you have serious […]

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UV Light for Air Conditioner

​Inside of every air conditioner, you have the potential for a variety of problems. However, you may not realize that the biggest potential problem for your home could be the growth of mold within your air conditioning unit. It stems from dirty coils and ends by filling your home with mold spores. This can lead […]

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